Handset Protection a Key School Supply on Campus

As millions of college students arrive on campus in the weeks ahead, a cell phone will accompany many on their educational journey over the next several years. Wireless handsets, for instance, often serve as the primary means of communicating with family back home as well as with friends on campus. Taking the time to learn about cell phone insurance options and the benefits of such programs allows students to make informed decisions when it comes to protecting their devices.

"Like selecting a college or university that is the right fit for a student, it is important to conduct research and understand the differences among handset protection plans," said David Leach, CEO, eSecuritel. "Not all offerings are equal and wireless subscribers should be prepared to understand exactly how their invaluable handsets will or won't be protected."

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This article was prepared by Insurance Weekly News editors from staff and other reports. Copyright 2009, Insurance Weekly News via VerticalNews.com.

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