Needs Inc. to open 2nd location in Pine Bluffs

Needs Inc., a local nonprofit organization that helps low-income people, will open a second location in Pine Bluffs next month.

A few of the details are still being worked out, but "everything has just fallen into place," Executive Director Ami Skeens said.

There is a tentative opening celebration scheduled for Saturday, April 10, at the new location, 315 Main St. in Pine Bluffs, downstairs from the Masonic Lodge there.

The new location will provide the same services that Needs in Cheyenne does, including emergency food, clothing, referrals to other organizations, school supplies and case planning.

"There's no one there that does anything like this in the eastern part of the county," Skeens said. "They have a lot of need."

Pine Bluffs is largely an agricultural town, she added, which is an industry that has taken quite a hit recently.

The agency will use Experience Works, a program that helps workers over 55 years old find work and generate income, and volunteers to staff the new location.

The town is providing the building and utilities.

Currently, some agencies go to Pine Bluffs once a month to help people in need, said Cate Cundall, the town clerk/treasurer. But the need for more assistance has come to the attention of the town recently.

"We do have a large (number) of low-income residents," she said.

The town has had charities like Needs there before, but nothing quite as organized, she added. Having a local place for people to go likely will be a huge help, since transportation often is an issue for low-income people.

"We're just very excited that we're in a position that we can assist with this," she said.
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