Twin Walker DiscountSchoolSupply. Com Coupon

Moving along! The Twin Walker and Pedal Roller enhance coordination and balance. Go forward or backward. The Pedal Roller features two pedals and a pair of detachable balancing handrails. Experienced users can remove the handrails for more challenge. Measures 15 9/25L x 20 2/25W x 22 4/9H; each pedal measures 11 21/50L x 3 27/50W. Maximum weight: 110 lbs. The Twin Walker can hold one or two children. Builds cooperative skills! The walker allows the user(s) to control the speed and distance by how much effort is exerted. Maximum weight: 220 lbs. 26 9/50L x 19 8/9W x 28 27/50H. Each pedal measures 26L x 4W. Ages 3 years and up for both. (Ships within 7 Days) See Pricing Here
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